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Booster Emails Tutorial

Learn how to use the Booster email with this video tutorial

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The booster emails can incentivize the participants of your "Tempting Giveaway", "Startup Pre-launch" and "Leaderboard Giveaway" campaigns to keep sharing their unique URL with their friends in order to increase their chances of winning the prizes you offer in the campaign, get earlier access to your product etc.

Here's a short video that shows you how to use the Booster emails step-by-step πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Note: If you set them to "automatically sent", please read when they are triggered here: When are the automatic booster emails sent? Still, if you choose the manual option, instead, then a "Boost" button will appear in your campaign's dashboard after the equivalent number of days you set in the "Booster emails" step of the campaign wizard ("Email them after X days" section).

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