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How to get started with Viral Loops for Shopify app
How to get started with Viral Loops for Shopify app

A guide to help you understand and complete the 4 basic steps of the Viral Loops for Shopify campaign mini-wizard

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With our new app, created exclusively for Shopify stores, you can set up a campaign simply by completing only 4 steps! 

The app allows you to integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store and start a referral campaign that can reward new email subscriptions and purchases. 

So let's see how this mini-wizard works!

Once you create an account with Viral Loops you can select the template of your choice in the Templates section (top left corner), in this case the Viral Loops for Shopify template.

Once you do, you will see the following screen, requesting you to enter your Shopify domain. Enter your Shopify domain and click Connect.

This action will open Shopify and once you select to install the app, your Shopify store will be connected with Viral Loops. Then you will be redirected back to Viral Loops where you can start the 4-step mini-wizard.

Step 1

In the 1st step you can see the following options and a mockup of the widget.

You can edit the color of the widget, the position (down right or down left) and see how the widget looks like. After completing this step click Next to go to the next one.

Step 2

In the 2nd step, you can set rewards (discounts) for purchases. 

When a customer invites (by using an available sharing option) a friend to purchase from your store and the invitee follows their link and signs up, they will get a coupon code. The referrer (which is also a customer) gets another coupon whenever their friend (invitee) completes a purchase.

As you can see, you can set a discount percentage or a fixed discount amount as a reward for the referrer and the invitee

❗The currency symbol is set automatically according to your Shopify settings.

When you complete editing here, click Next.

Step 3

In the 3rd step, you can set the number of successful referrals needed for a participant to reach each milestone and get the respective reward for new sign ups (not purchases) for your newsletter.

This is a great option since you do not only want to drive direct sales, but also create word of mouth around your store, products and referral program, develop ambassadors and later on use these leads for new sales.

By default, there are 3 milestones set and 3 specific rewards, but you can change these later.

Select Preview to go to the final step.

Step 4

In the 4th and final step of the mini-wizard, you can choose to see a preview of your campaign or take it live right away. Simply click on Complete setup button and that is all! The mini-wizard is finished and your campaign is ready!🙌🏻

Next steps...

In case you want to further edit your campaign, you can do so from the campaign Dashboard.

For more details about the dashboard or if you prefer to see all the steps in the mini-wizard and dashboard, you can check the following video tutorial (skip to 5:24 to see the dashboard instructions):

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