From your Viral Loops account, click the Messenger Giveaway template to create your campaign:

Before creating a campaign, we have an onboarding process in place that includes getting in contact with our sales team to unlock the template after participating in a small survey. This is for your own benefit, so please bear with us - we promise it will be quick! :)

So, after you gain access to use the Messenger Giveaway template here are the next steps:

  1. Name your campaign

2. Set an expiration date for your campaign

By default, the campaign is set to never expire, so you need to deselect this in order to set an expiration date and time. You can also select a timezone so it matches the one of your audience.

Setting an expiration date means that, as soon as this date/time comes, the following flows are going stop working:

  • The Basic flow: It means that new participants cannot be added if they click on an invitation link after the expiration date/time.

  • The 2 Re-engagement flows: Existing participants will stop receiving automatic follow-up messages. 

3. Your new campaign has an API token. Copy it, you'll need it in a bit.

Just click on the "Install Manychat Template" to install the template on your PRO ManyChat account.

4. Select the Facebook page you want to install the template to.

5. Next, we have a list of all the flows and growth tools that are going to be installed if you continue. Press "Install Now".

6. Press continue

7. In the "BotLink" field, paste your own bot link, found at the top-right corner of your ManyChat dashboard.

8. In the "Token" field, paste the API token you copied earlier.

9. Finally, you get here to where you can review your settings. 

You can go back to this page anytime by going to Settings --> Installed Templates and click the "Viral Loops Messenger Giveaways" template.

Well done, the template is installed!

due to FB's recent TOS changes, please set/leave the EntriesToReferrer 0 (zero). We also suggest to keep the altruistic approach of the copy we provide and not incentivize the participants with more entries.

Here's a short video tutorial that shows how to install the Messenger template (powered by Manychat) step-by-step 👇👇👇

Next steps

Now that your template is installed, eel free to tailor the flows and messages to match your brand's look and tone. Here's a guide to help you wit that!

The Messenger Giveaway flows explained

❗ Please note that Messenger templates are not supported for Messenger Lite users, as this application doesn't support numerous functions which are crucial to the flows of the template, such as buttons and external requests ❗ 

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