You can uninstall the Messenger Giveaway template from your ManyChat account if, for any reason, you want a fresh start.

To do that, log-in to your ManyChat dashboard and then go to Settings --> Installed Templates. Click on the "Viral Loops Messenger Giveaways" template.

Click the three dots button at the top right corner of your screen and then Uninstall.

Make sure to select the first of the check-boxes the custom user fields and tags the template added:

Be careful: This will remove everything that was installed with the Viral Loops Messenger Giveaways template. Your customizations will be lost so you might want to keep a backup of your copies and other content you added in the flows before uninstalling. Don't forget to take as many screenshots as needed regarding delivered messages, opens, CTR % etc., in case you want to keep campaign analytics from Manychat.

In Viral Loops app nothing will be removed, even when you uninstall the template, so you could export participants from there at any point.

Re-installing the template in Manychat

In case you need to re-install an existing campaign in Viral Loops to Manychat, all you need to do is login to Viral Loops > Go to your campaigns page > Edit the campaign you'd like to re- initiate the installation process.

❗ Important Note ❗

If you wish to end a campaign, you can always set an expiration date to it in Viral Loops. This will prevent new subscribers from entering the campaign and stop re-engagement flows from being sent to existing participants.

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