Your campaign's Dashboard contains all your participants' statistics and it's where the rewarding process is carried out.

You can click “Pick winners” in the Dashboard and this opens a window that shows one of the winners that was picked at random with all their relevant info (first name, last name, email, Manychat live chat link). 

At this point you can:

  • select this person as a winner.

  • repeat the draw to pick another winner. This would be useful if, for example, the participant that was picked was someone from your team.

  • exit the process entirely without picking anyone.

If the winner is picked, you see a confirmation that you've selected this person as a winner and a button that reads "Chat with them". If you press it, you get redirected to your Manychat account so you can contact them about their reward.

In the same confirmation screen you can also see the option to pick another winner. This would be useful if, for example, every day you give away 5 prizes so you need to draw winners 5 times. 

You can also exit the process without picking any other winner.

Here's a short video tutorial that shows how to pick winners with the Messenger Giveaway template step-by-step 👇👇👇

Note: Participants that have been picked as winners do not participate in any future draws from this campaign.

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