1. How can I send the campaign to my existing Manychat subscribers?  

    Manychat offers a variety of Growth tools to help you open a conversation with your subscribers. They are especially useful in case you want to notify them about your giveaway too!

    The exact process differs depending on the growth tool, but all you need to do essentially is add the giveaway's basic flow on the growth tool's setup (as an Opt-In Message under Opt-in Actions). You can use a broadcast, a comment growth tool or Facebook ads to trigger the giveaway.

    In any case, visiting Manychat's support center will provide you with any relevant instructions on how to contact your subscribers about the giveaway.

  2. Can I use the same Giveaway campaign for two different Facebook pages?

    Yes, you can do that! All you need to do is install the template using the same API token on both pages. Please bear in mind that if you duplicate the giveaway's flows from one page to another, our custom fields and API actions are lost, so the template won't be functional.

    Note: If you do this, participants from both pages will be displayed on the same campaign Dashboard inside Viral Loops. This means that, when picking winners, participants from both pages will be taken into account.

  3.  Can I run multiple Giveaways on the same Facebook page?

    This is not currently supported. You can have only one Giveaway template installed per Facebook page. In fact, if you accidentally install the template more than once, none of the giveaways will function properly.

  4. Can I collect subscribers' email addresses with this template?

    Yes, you can use our VL e-mail field flow. You can refer to this article for more information.

  5. Can I include coupons to my flows?

    Yes, you can by using Manychat's integration with Zapier! Take a look at their help document here for specific instructions:

    Sending Unique Coupon Codes

  6. Can I delete participants of the giveaway from inside Viral Loops?

    At the moment, deleting participants from campaigns with the Messenger template is not supported. If you don't want certain participants to win rewards, you can skip them during the "picking winners" process.

  7. How can I test the giveaway?

    Go to your ManyChat account > Flows > Basic flow > Preview. This will open a Messenger dialogue so you can see how the giveaway works. You can also follow your Messenger Ref URL found inside Manychat's Growth tools > Widgets > VL Optin Link> Setup.

 8. I have set up my flows but once I share my Invite card, the campaign doesn't start. What can I do?   

First, make sure that all your template's core flows are published. If that is true, then go to Settings > Installed templates > Viral Loops Messenger Giveaway and check whether the API token is correct and your Manychat's BotLink is in place.

You can find the campaign's API token inside your Viral Loop's account if you edit the campaign and go to the Installation step. Your BotLink is found in your Manychat Dashboard.

Finally, make sure the VL Optin Link widget is activated in Manychat (question #7 above).

9. Why did you remove the ability to give points for referrals from the template?  

In general, Facebook Pages are allowed to run referral campaigns and giveaways by incentivizing people to invite their friends to take actions and get several rewards. But, it depends on the case and reward if a campaign is compliant with Messenger’s Terms of Services.

For that reason—and given that our Messenger Giveaway template has numerous positive effects on a company—we decided to remove the option of incentivizing people to invite their friends for extra entries. Here is what we did to ensure high performance for your campaigns:

  • People are prompted to invite their friends based on altruism: For example: “Invite your friends to get a chance to win this great reward!”

  • We still do track referrals and who invited whom. This helps brands identify their advocates and run targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Added the option to incentivize people to take other actions than inviting a friend for more entries to the giveaway, like “Follow on Instagram.” This will help you increase your audience in other social networks.

10. Can I delete participants from my Messenger campaign?   

Yes, you can! However, use with caution and remember that even if the participant is deleted from the Viral Loops campaign, unless their custom fields are cleared in ManyChat, the flows will still be sent to them.

So, in case you’re testing and wish to opt-in again, you’ll receive the error message that you’re already a participant and you'll have to clear your subscriber's VL custom fields to proceed.

11. How can I find the participants in my Manychat Audience?

Every Viral Loops participant, has a VL-ID. You can filter your Audience using that custom field regardless of the value:

Alternatively, you can use the VL-F2-joined tag to filter them as well!

10. Can the template work on Messenger Lite?  

Messenger templates are not supported for Messenger Lite users, as this application doesn't support numerous functions which are crucial to the flows of the template, such as buttons and external requests.

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