Below you can find short video tutorials, that we have created for our templates and will help you understand how the campaign wizard works and how to set up a campaign.

💎 The Milestone Referral

👥 Refer a Friend

🆕 The Startup Pre-launch

🛍️ Viral Loops for Shopify

Our new app, is created exclusively for Shopify stores, and you can set up a campaign simply by completing only 4 steps! 

The app allows you to integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store and start a referral campaign that can reward new email subscriptions as well as purchases. 

💬 Facebook Messenger Giveaway

Grow your Manychat audience! Manychat Pro account is required. 

👛 The e-Commerce Referral

Note: Please be noted that our e-Commerce referral template has been discontinued.

🍀 The Tempting Giveaway 

🎢 The Leaderboard Giveaway

🏪 Online to Offline tutorial

💝 The Altruistic Referral

*Please note that this template is not Supported for Wordpress and Woo-Commerce. In that case, consider using the E-commerce Referral template.

🚀 Don't forget to consult our comprehensive referral marketing guide for battle-tested tips and tricks that will maximize your campaign's success regardless of template!

Let us know if there's any other term that we could better explain. 😊


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