The Messenger Giveaway's new version is here and we thought is best to explain the changes that took place from V1.0  to V2.1.

*New campaigns using the Messenger template will be created in the latest version (V2.1). Older campaigns created with V1.0 will remain unaffected.

Here are the changes we have implemented for V2.1 of the Messenger Giveaway template:

#1 Copies

Due to Facebook's Terms of Use that prohibit incentivizing participants to share a giveaway to earn points, we have removed any copy based on the concept of entries per referral. So, these copies  were changed into a more altruistic approach that urges participants to invite their friends so they can win too.


Before the update: “For each friend that joins in the giveaway, you’ll get X extra entries

After the update: "Invite your friends to win"

#2 Bot fields

Subsequently, we have changed the bot field VL-2.1-EntriesToReferrer to a predefined value of 0 instead of 10. That means that the referrer will not receive 10 extra entries for bringing their friends to your giveaway.

#3 The 1st re-engage flow

There is no reference to the participant's current total entries and we have removed the "Entries" keyword. Instead, we have added a "Follow us on Instagram" step and if people click the link there, they will get 10 extra entries for following your Instagram account (win-win!).

Keep in mind that, in this step, we can only keep track of the click-through rates - not the actual Instagram follow action or count.

Therefore, all you need to do is edit the "Follow us on Instagram" button and add your Instagram account's URL.

#4 The 2nd re-engage flow

In this flow, the keyword "entries" along with its flow have been removed.

In general, Facebook Pages are allowed to run referral campaigns and giveaways by incentivizing people to invite their friends to take actions and get several rewards. But, it depends on the case and reward if a campaign is compliant with Messenger’s Terms of Services.

For that reason—and given that our Messenger Giveaway template has numerous positive effects on a company—we decided to remove the option of incentivizing people to invite their friends for extra entries. Here is what we did to ensure high performance for your campaigns:

  • People are prompted to invite their friends based on altruism: For example: “Invite your friends to get a chance to win this great reward!”

  • We still do track referrals and who invited whom. This helps brands identify their advocates and run targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Added the option to incentivize people to take other actions than inviting a friend for more entries to the giveaway, like “Follow on Instagram.” This will help you increase your audience in other social networks.

Now, there is a condition at the beginning of the flow including a tag. This tag is applied to the participants of the previous follow-up that had indeed clicked the “Follow on Instagram” button.

The purpose of this flow is to remind participants to keep inviting.

Which means that, only if this condition is true will the participant receive the 2nd re-engage flow. They will be informed about their current total points and receive instructions on how to retrieve their invitation card using a keyword (Invitation).

#5 Invite card

Facebook is gradually removing the ability to forward cards in Messenger for desktop devices. For this reason, we have removed the Invite card found in the Invite flow and replaced it with a simple image with a CTA that contains the RefURL of the campaign.

Here's how it looks like in Manychat: 

This way, your participants will be able to forward this message to their friends on desktop and mobile devices as well.  

#6 Additional flows

We have also included additional, new flows to the template depending on the giveaway's concept and rewarding you'd like to implement. All you have to do is choose the basic flow of your choice, edit the copies and publish. Simple as that!

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