Welcome to the Viral Loops Messenger Giveaway template! You're just moments away from launching your epic Messenger Giveaway.

This template comes with some pre-defined messages. Our copy is good but yours will definitely be better 🔥

We suggest you go through all the Flows of the template and edit them according to your taste. 

We left comments in the flows to help you understand how things work. 

Wherever you see [EDIT] then, well, edit those messages!

For example:

Once you download the template, you'll see a Viral Loops Messenger Giveaway folder in your Flows menu.

These flows are:

The template is set by default to play out with these core flows:

  • VL Optin flow

  • VL Basic flow

  • VL Invite flow

  • VL First re-engage flow

  • VL Second re-engage flow

The rest of the flows are optional and can be used per case:

  • VL Basic flow (choose your reward): Ideal for E-commerce businesses

  • VL e-mail field: Ideal if you want to gather emails

  • Closing flow: Suitable in cases where the campaign isn't ongoing

  • VL Pre-Launch Comment-to-message Facebook post flow (if you decide to have a pre-launch period)

Optin Flow [VL Optin]

This flow is essentially a precursor of the Basic flow and qualifies leads based on whether they have already received a VL- id. The VL-id is a unique value that all your campaign's participants have.

So, if someone clicks on an invitation card even thought they have already participated, they get a message notifying them of that.

If a new lead clicks on the Invitation card, then the Optin flow assigns them a VL-id.

Basic flow [VL Basic flow]

This is the flow that basically explains the giveaway to your audience. On the first step, Viral Loops checks whether the campaign has expired. If not, it proceeds with a condition of whether the person who received the flow is an existing participant or not. 

  • If they are, then the flow stops after they receive a message saying that they have already participated. This can happen in cases where a participant clicks on the "Join the Giveaway" button (or however you've renamed it) to join the campaign again, instead of clicking the Share button on their invitation card (unknown concepts? - keep reading!). As the giveaway progresses those participants will get the Re-engage flows as expected.

  • If not, then the basic flow continues so they can optin-to the giveaway and get their invitation card. 

Feel free to edit the copies in this flow so they match your brand's tone, add GIFs and emojis!

Invite flow [VL Invite flow]

This flow is triggered right after someone has opted-in to your giveaway and displays in image along with the "Join the Giveaway!" CTA that contains the RefURL of the campaign. Having the RefURL on the CTA allows Viral Loops to keep track of the referrer/invitee connection as participants fowrward this image to their friends and click to join.

Here's how it looks like in Manychat: 

❗ Please note that the Invite link is not supposed to be simply copied and pasted in buttons, as it will not work properly.
If you need to create it again you need to create a new button and manually create the link using custom fields. Like so:https://www.loom.com/share/bfb1b0e3533340c38840f6fa382c5741

As you can see, the "Join the Giveaway!" button also keeps track of the click-through rate. 

23 hours after the Basic flow is sent, the Re-engage flows are triggered. Let's see what they do!

Re-engage flow [VL First re-engage flow]

This flow basically serves the purpose of a reminder so that participants will keep inviting their friends during the giveaway. 

On the first step, Viral Loops checks whether the campaign has expired. If not, it proceeds with the flow.

The flow is triggered 23 hours after participation thanks to a delay we have on the Basic flow:

In the first follow-up message,  you can ask participants to follow your Instagram account to get 10 extra points, thus increasing their chances to win.
We have added two buttons before asking them to follow (“Sure” and “Not interested”) to reopen the 24-hour window for these users. 

  • The “Sure” button is necessary to open the 24-hour window as clicking on a URL button DOES NOT open up a 24-hour window (more specifically, the Instagram URL button). 

  • On the other hand, the “Not interested” button immediately leads to the second follow-up message.

All you need to do here is edit the "Follow us on Instagram" button with the appropriate URL.

📌 Due to the fact that we cannot actually track the Instagram follow action but only the CTR, we have put a smart delay to our API to give these extra points accurately. Participants have 24 hours to click the "Follow Instagram" button. Even if they click it more than once, our API will check for that action only once in these 24 hours (regardless of the number of times participants have clicked it) and thus, participants will not be able to get rewarded more than 10 points once for it.

👉🏻 The users that have received the “Follow on Instagram” message, will receive the second follow-up message after 23 hours.

Second follow-up message

This message notifies the participant about their total entries at that given point and prompt them to keep inviting friends to join by presenting them with their Invite card again:

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