API rewarding on the Milestone template

How to handle API rewarding for your Milestone campaign

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One of the reward options you have with this template is API rewarding, where rewarding is handled automatically by your web app. 

This is useful in cases where the rewards are (usually, but not necessarily) intangible and specific to your business or you just want to automatically approve them.

For example, in the Milestone template, you will want to be providing the Milestone rewards automatically whenever a participant earns them, instead of doing it manually through the campaign Dashboard.

How it works

When someone has been referred to your campaign and you have set the Referrer Reward, then each time they reach a certain number of referrals, a pending reward is created for them.

A pending reward is a reward that has not yet been provided by your web app.

Now, all you need to do is to actually provide these rewards. Here's how:

Checking for pending rewards 

Firstly, retrieve the available pending rewards by using the Get Pending Rewards method as it's described in the API documentation.

Marking rewards as redeemed

After your web app has fulfilled the reward, use the Redeem Reward to mark the specific reward as redeemed.

That's all! 

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