Email field flow [VL e-mail field Flow]

❗ A flow similar to this one has already been incorporated to the Basic Flow of our template so you can be compliant with Facebook's 24h rule. So, if you don't need to use it on another step of the campaign we suggest you don't use it. Read more in our article here.❗

This flow allows you to gather your participants' emails before or after they opt in for the contest. Also, you can attach it to the re-engage flow.

It begins with a text message about GDPR compliance and if participants accept that statement, they can type in their e-mail address, which is then added to a user-custom field.

If the participants choose not to submit their email, the flow stops.

All gathered emails are stored in the Viral Loops campaign Dashboard, however it would be better if you integrated Manychat to your CRM.

This is important because if at some point you choose to uninstall the template from Manychat, those user custom fields will be lost. So, even if you uninstall the campaign, the emails remain to your external application.

Manychat has an official integration with Mailchimp and other popular email marketing platforms and CRMs. Here are some you might find useful:

Also, keep in mind that, through Zapier, you can integrate any platform with Manychat:

Closing Flow/runner up flow [VL Closing flow]

This flow can be triggered after the campaign's end and (optionally) after milestone rewards have been given. It is a message that you can broadcast (or add it to the Basic flow in order to show it to anyone who tries to opt-in after the end of the contest) to all the participants (that have interacted in a way with the bot or one of the two re-engage flows) but haven't reached a milestone. 

In the PROMOCODE field, add your website's/e-shop's URL (CHANGE THIS PART) till the day that the promo code will be valid.

What we’re trying to achieve with this flow is to redirect campaign participants to your website/e-shop in order to increase brand awareness and, consequently, sales

That being said, it's an important flow because it can drive tangible results for your brand and overall business. 

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