The best way to kickstart your Viral Loops campaign is to use an existing list of contacts. These people already know you and can act as your first referrers when you need them the most - at the beginning of your campaign.

If you have a CSV file of these contacts, you can import them as participants to your campaign so they start referring others. 

To do that, go to the Campaign Dashboard and click "Import".

The imported participants go through the same processes as if they had joined your campaign in any other way:

  1. Enabled integrations (eg. MailChimp) will be fired. 
  2. If the Welcome email is enabled, it will be sent to the imported participants. Same goes for Successful Referral email and Milestone emails.
  3. Imported participants will appear in your Campaign Dashboard, campaign export etc.

Some things to note

  • If you are importing in a Leaderboard Giveaway or Startup Pre-launch campaign, participants will be imported at the bottom of the current leaderboard or waitlist, unless their referral count is included in your CSV file
  • Imported participants will affect your quota and your subscription will be automatically adjusted to the appropriate plan for the total number of participants in your account. Before starting the Import you can see how your plan will be affected.
  • You cannot undo an Import once it has begun.

File requirements

The CSV file should have these columns:

  • email
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • id
  • referrerId
  • referralCount

The only required column is "email" - the rest are optional. This means that the minimum valid CSV would be like this:


These are the requirements of the CSV file:

  • The column names are case-insensitive. This means that "firstname" is equal to "firstName".
  • Only the email column is required.
  • The file should be a .csv file. The delimiter should be comma ",".
  • There should be no empty rows. Also, the last line of the file should not be empty.
  • Maximum 100k rows per file. If you want to upload a bigger list, you have to break into smaller files.
  • Invalid email addresses will be ignored.
  • IDs should be unique for each participant.

No missing values

If a row is missing a column’s value, then an error is returned. For example, when columns are email,firstname,lastname, you cannot skip the firstname value. It should be an empty string at least, like so: “”

This is OK:

email, firstname, lastname, "First1", "Last1", "", "Last2",,

This is not OK:

email, firstname, lastname,  //notice there's a comma missing, "Efi", "test"  //no values for the other columns

Referrer - Invitee Relationship

If you are importing a past campaign and want to preserve the referrer - invitee relationship between participants, you can utilise the id - referrerId columns in your CSV file. The premise is that the id is a unique identifier for each participant, and the referrerId is either empty or the id of another participant (the referrer). 

Here's an example where Richard is the referrer of Chandler:

email, id, referrerId, 1,, 2, 1

Here's another example, where the email address is being used as the identifier:

email, id, referrerId,,,,

Referral Count

If you are importing from a past campaign and want each imported participant to start from the same referrals they had in the previous campaign, include their number of referrals in the column referralCount.

Importing from a Viral Loops campaign

To import participants from another Viral Loops campaign, follow these 2 steps:

  1. Go to the dashboard of the past campaign and get a CSV export. You will receive it in the email address of your account.
  2. Import it to your new campaign.

Note: We accept only 2 CSV file types, text/csv and application/ In case you get an "invalid file type" error though your file is a CSV, it means that your file is not one of the accepted 2 CSV file types.

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