1. How does it work (a ManyChat PRO account is required)?

  • A participant has to invite X number of Messenger friends, in order to reach the first milestone and be eligible for the corresponding reward. Once the first milestone is reached the participant receives automatically a Messenger message with additional related details. 

  • Then, the participant has to invite another Y number of Messenger friends to get to the next milestone, and so on, until the last milestone is reached and the ultimate reward won.

2. Why choose a Milestone Referral campaign and not just a regular giveaway campaign?

The Milestone Referral Template (inspired by Harry’s) is one of our most successful templates! This is due to the gamification logic of the template that motivates people to join and keep on referring their friends, as well as its versatility. It is exceptionally efficient when you wish to run an ambassador program or a pre-launch campaign. This happens for two reasons:

  • People are not used to this kind of campaign, so Milestone Referral campaigns have up to 5x better performance than regular pre-launch campaigns or giveaways.

  • You can combine several prizes and gamify the experience. You can always choose to have only discount coupons as rewards but we suggest you use a more creative approach to incentivize people to invite their friends.

3. What rewards should I offer?

Υou can choose anything your target audience would consider valuable. If you need help choosing rewards, take a look here.

Essentially, you can offer anything as a reward to your participants. So, for example, when they reach the first milestone of the campaign, you can offer a 10% discount coupon for your e-Commerce store. When they reach the second milestone, you can offer them a T-shirt or stickers from your brand, and so on.

As soon as someone reaches a milestone, they receive the relevant milestone Messenger message, the one that you have tailored according to your needs through the Manychat Template:

Each milestone has its own Messenger message notification which means that you can include different instructions in each one. For example:

  • If you offer coupon codes, you can include that in the Messenger message. 

  • If you offer physical gifts, such as a hat or a t-shirt, you can ask them to fill in a digital form with their address and the desired t-shirt size, so that you can mail them those gifts.

Isn't that simple and powerful? Let us know if you need more details on that!

4. Share button was removed from Facebook in mid-August. How has the Milestone Referral for Messenger been affected by these changes?

Up until now, you could add a share button on a card, and the end-user had to click that share button and would forward the message to another contact.

The good news is that even without the share button, there’s a workaround for allowing people to share about your referral marketing campaigns inside messenger, and it comes to build in our templates.
Instead of using a sharing button, users will have to forward the message to their friends. All they have to do is:

  1. Press the forward button next to the image with the "Join the Giveaway!" CTA,

  2. Then, type or select a contact’s name,

  3. Hit “Send”

Moreover, we will probably include a Share on your Facebook feed option in the future. The Milestone Referral for Messenger template, will get shared on the user’s Facebook profile. The user’s friends that click on the shared link will have to opt-in to claim whatever reward you offer in the embedded refURL. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for our upcoming product updates!

5. Ηow does this Template comply with Facebook no longer allowing incentive for sharing?

In general, Facebook Pages are allowed to run referral campaigns by incentivizing people to invite their friends to take actions and get several rewards. But, it depends on the case and reward, if a campaign is compliant with Messenger's Terms of Services.

People are prompted to invite their friends and are rewarded based on the number of referrals (people do not get rewarded just for sharing).

For example: "Invite X of your friends to win this awesome reward!"

Also, we do track referrals and who invited whom. This helps brands identify their advocates and run targeted marketing campaigns.

6. Can the template work on Messenger Lite?

Messenger templates are not supported for Messenger Lite users, as this application doesn't support numerous functions which are crucial to the flows of the template, such as buttons and external requests.

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