From your Viral Loops account, create your campaign by selecting the Milestone Referral for Messenger template:

In case you do not have a Viral Loops account already, you can create a new one:

Before the installation process begins, and if you've never created a Messenger campaign before, we have an on-boarding process in place that includes getting in contact with our sales team. They will get in touch with you to unlock the template  for you after you've participated in a small survey. This is for your own benefit, so please bear with us - we promise it will be quick! :)

Installation steps:

1. Name your campaign

2. Set your milestones 

Edit the # of referrals/milestone, add or delete milestones, name the milestones. 

3. Installation

Your new campaign has an API token. Copy it, you'll use it in a bit. Then just click the big pink button to install the template on your ManyChat PRO account.

  • Once you are re-directed to your ManyChat , click Install:

  • Select the Manychat PRO account that you want to install the Template:

  • Click the Install now button:

  • Click the Continue button:

  • In the "BotLink" field, paste your own bot link. This link is available on the top right corner of your ManyChat dashboard.

  • Please go to your ManyChat Settings--> API and generate your API token. The value added here should be similar to the following: 5156118444888161:39bcb9a56596de93c2f3734772931734

  • In the "Token" field, paste the API token you copied earlier.

  • Go to your ManyChat dashboard and then to Settings --> Installed Templates and click the "Viral Loops Milestone Referral for Messenger" or " Milestone Referral for Messenger" template:

Well done, the template is installed! 

4. Activation

Now, in ManyChat, from the sidebar go to "Growth Tools". The Milestone Referral for Messenger template installed a new widget, "ML-VL Optin Link v1.0". See it?

Click on it and set it to "Active" from the top right corner of the screen.

Woohoo! Great job. All set! 🎉

❗ Please note that Messenger templates are not supported for Messenger Lite users, as this application doesn't support numerous functions which are crucial to the flows of the template, such as buttons and external requests ❗ 

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