The Share Button within the media, list and generic templates will no longer render. People can use the Messenger forward functionality instead of the Share Button.

Facebook Platform Messenger Changelog, June 10, 2019

Unfortunately, for ManyChat users, this means that the Share buttons will no longer appear on cards, lists, and other media after August 15th, 2019.

The Share button was a quick way for users to share something with their friends.

Up until now, you could add a Share button on a card, and the end-user had to click that Share button and would forward the message to another contact.

It looked something like this:

If you’re running a referral marketing campaign, making it easy for users to share about the campaign is crucial.

The good news is that even without the Share button, there’s a workaround for allowing people to share about your referral marketing campaigns inside messenger, and it comes to build in our templates.

When a page sends out a message, users can click on the arrow icon (forward button) on the right of the message box, to forward that message to a contact (see image below):

Instead of using a sharing button, users will have to forward the message to their friends. All they have to do is:

1. Press the forward button next to the card,

2. Then type or select a contact’s name.

3. Hit “Send”

Problem solved!

What we actually changed in our Messenger Templates

Flow copies

After the successful participation API message, the people are prompted to start referring their friends.

The copy is changed from “share the message” to “forward the message”. An extra button (How to forward it?) has been added.

When this button is clicked there are some instructions on how to forward the card.

Invite card 

Facebook is gradually removing the ability to forward cards in Messenger for desktop devices. For this reason, we have removed the Invite card found in the Invite flow and replaced it with a simple image with a CTA that contains the RefURL of the campaign.

Here's how it looks like in Manychat: 

This way, your participants will be able to forward this message to their friends on desktop and mobile devices as well.

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