When creating a campaign with the Milestone Referral for Messenger template you have the option of having more than 4 milestones in your campaign.

You can do that by editing the campaign and pressing "add more" on the Milestones step of the campaign wizard:

However, Manychat doesn't sync with Viral Loops in a way that allows additional milestones (>4) to appear in your Manychat flows. For this reason, you need to follow the instructions below to add more milestones in Manychat.

This example illustrates how to add a 5th Milestone to Manychat. If you need to create more, you need to repeat the process below for each one.

#1 Add the extra milestone to the Basic flow

First, you need to go the the Basic flow and add the 5th milestone next to the existing ones on the Gallery. Click on the 4th milestone and click the + sign on the right of the card. Then add an image and the copy you want for that extra milestone.

Once this is done return to go at the end of the Basic flow and add an extra condition block for the extra milestone.

This extra condition should be if ML-VL-LastMilestone is exactly 5. If yes, another API should run. Just duplicate one of the existing conditions and create a new Trigger block just like the one the rest milestones have:

*We will come back to this trigger block later to fix the external request there (it send the correct "milestone reached" notification") so keep on reading.

The Action block should be re-positioned to the 5th milestone's "if not" condition, as seen in the image above.

#2 Edit the ML-VL Milestones 1.0 flow

After completing this step, go to Flows and select the ML-VL Milestones 1.0.

Then, click again on the 4th milestone card and press the + sign to add a new milestone. Add the image of the 5th Milestone reward and the corresponding text.

#3 Create an email notification flow for the newly added milestone

Find the "4th milestone for referrer" and click the 3 dots sign on the right and select Duplicate.

Once it is duplicated click the 3 dots sign of this duplicated flow and select Rename. Rename it to 5th milestone for referrer and select the flow. Then edit the text accordingly to match this 5th milestone and Publish.

Once you do that go to the address bar of your browser and copy everything from content and after. It should be something like content23243251345_412434 (as you can see in the screenshot below).

#4 Fix the API call 

Finally, return to Basic flow and click on the Trigger box for the condition of the 5th Milestone. Click on the external request and select the Body tab. There, you need to replace the contentXXXXXXX value of the API with the one you copied before from the URL of the 5th Milestone for the Referrer flow.

And that's it!🙌

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