Our Milestone Referral for Messenger template comes with a pre-set Comment-to-message Growth tool to use during your campaign's Pre-launch period.

> If you want to learn more about the Comment-to-message Growth tool, click here.

Letting people know about your viral campaign prior to the actual launch, will give you a head start in gathering leads, but most importantly it will have a positive effect on the opening day of your Messenger referral campaign.

Now, here's how this works!

You can find the Growth tool in Manychat and you can customize it according to your needs.

ML-VL Pre-launch Comment-to-message Facebook Post 

The Comment-to-message Growth tool can be used both for the pre-launch and launch periods.

If, however, you decide that you'd like to have only one Facebook Post about the Milestone campaign, it would be better to save the Growth tool for the launch.

The main concept here is to use this post to attract people's attention for the upcoming campaign and give them a reason to comment about it. The easiest way to do that is by asking them a question!

Step 1

You need to make the necessary changes to the copies of the Auto-response and the Opt-in messages inside Manychat's Growth tools menu.


  • Don't forget to mention the campaign's launch date in the Opt-in message.

[Opt-in actions]

Step 2

Then, you need to create a post in your Facebook Page and go to the Growth tool to connect it here:

  • The announcement of the date your giveaway campaign will start.

  • A prompt so users are incentivized to comment on the Facebook post so they can receive a message in their Messenger inbox (this should be explicitly explained on the post). This way, you can subscribe them to your bot before the giveaway even begins, so they can get notified first when the campaign goes live.

  • Explain that the more people they invite when you launch, the more their chances to win.

  • Ask them to comment the answer to a question or complete a phrase mentioned on the post.

"Roses are red, violets are..?” (so people can comment “BLUE”)

The copy of your Facebook post should NOT include:

  • Prompts such as “Comment below”, “Tag a friend”, “Like this post” , etc.

  • Explicit wording

Important notices

*It's important to refrain from using prompts like the ones mentioned in the above section, as it will have a negative impact on the reach of your post according to Facebook policy (that basically means that less eyeballs will see your post). 

**In case you are willing to boost/promote your post to a larger audience using Facebook ads, we suggest triple-checking your ad copy and making sure you don’t violate any Facebook advertising policy or rule from the above mentioned

Step 3

You can now Publish the Facebook post and activate the Growth tool in Manychat!

You'll notice that, in order to activate the Growth tool, you need to confirm that in the copy of the Post you have explicitly stated that commentators will receive a message via Messenger. You can learn more about this Facebook's policy here.

Next steps:

  1. You need to edit your Welcome Message in Manychat so anyone who interacts with your page organically, gets a message about the upcoming campaign.

  2. On the day of the launch you need to create a broadcast to all your pre-launch subscribers to let them know the campaign is live. You can use the "pre-launch subscribers" tag.

3. Send a separate broadcast to the rest of your Manychat subscribers who are not yet aware of the campaign.

Driving traffic to your bot prior to the launch of the campaign is really important. 

Here are some additional suggestions on how to do that!

#1 Widget on Website

You can add a Growth Tool on your website (slide-in, page take-over etc.) to drive traffic from your website into Manychat and inform them about the campaign.

All you need to do is create a new Growth tool in Manychat and install the Javascript snippet on your website. 

Then, activate the widget on Manychat and you're good to go! 

Instagram Story Ad

You can also have an Instagram Story Ad with a swipe-up informing your followers about the campaign. 

All you need to do is create a Ref-URL Growth tool in Manychat and add the link to the swipe-up on Instagram.

The link of the swipe up, will be something like this: https://m.me/manychataccount?ref=w6032546

Here's a copy suggestion:

HUGE campaign launching next week with multiple rewards for our biggest fans! Do you want to win discounts & [insert your brand here] goodies?

Swipe-up to find out more!

Good luck! :)

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