You’ve probably noticed all the buzz about the Messenger updates that took place March 4, 2020. So, we want to make sure our ManyChat Messenger Templates are up-to-date for these changes.

📝 Quoting a ManyChat blog post:

Here is the list of the revised policies that have taken effect since March 4, 2020:

  • “24+1” rule is getting trimmed to just “24”, so the “+1” follow-up is going away

  • Subscription Messaging is being deprecated even on the Page-level and will be available only for News Pages

  • Message Tags are being streamlined from 17 tags to 4

🔎In more detail:

  • Facebook has announced changes to Messenger’s Policies that will take effect on March 4th, 2020.

  • Businesses will be allowed to message subscribers within 24 hours of a subscriber’s last interaction with that Business Page. This is known as the “24-hour messaging window.”

  • Promotional content will continue to be allowed within the 24-hour messaging window.

  • The biggest change is that messages sent outside the 24-hour window must be tagged with one of four Message Tags: Confirmed Event Update, Post-Purchase Update, Account Update, or Human Agent.

  • UPDATE AS OF 12/20/19: Facebook is planning to introduce a one-time notification API in February 2020 that will allow you to send timely relevant notifications to a subscriber given their explicit opt-in. The one-time notification will allow you to support use cases that don’t fall into the definition of the four Message Tags. The way we expect this to work is that you will be able to request a one-time notification opt-in from a subscriber and then send them one message outside the 24 hours.

  • Action Needed: ManyChat users will need to review their flows and apply appropriate Message Tags to Facebook messages that could be sent outside the 24-hour window

  • Important: Messages that don’t have a Message Tag will not deliver outside the 24-hour messaging window as of March 4th, 2020.

  • For messages that don’t fit any Message Tag – use SMS or email steps instead.

  • Start gathering phone numbers and email addresses immediately to maximize the reach of your SMS and Email steps, and also ensure that you have access to your audience through independent channels.

  • Get familiar with omnichannel campaigns that leverage Messenger, SMS, and email together to maximize your ROI while staying compliant with the New Messenger Policy.

  • Read and apply the guide below and you will be ready for the March 4th changes.

How Viral Loops Messenger Giveaways 2.1 is affected

Every time a subscriber engages with your bot, a 24-hour messaging window opens up for you to message that person back. Inside this 24-hour window, you can send any message you wish, including promotional messages.

📌 This is the reason why all Viral Loops Messenger Template messages are tagged with the “Other” tag as they are all delivered within the 24-hour window.

VL Re-engage flows v2.1

📌 Change #1
Both follow-up messages are delivered under 23 hours, instead of two days, that was previously the case. This serves to maintain the 24-hour window rule.

📌 Change #2

Furthermore, the previously two follow-up flows have been merged into one. However, the context remains the same. In the first follow-up message, we have added two buttons (“Sure” and “Not interested”) to reopen the 24-hour window for these users. 

  • The “Sure” button is necessary to open the 24-hour window as clicking on a URL button DOES NOT open up a 24-hour window (more specifically, the Instagram URL button). 

  • On the other hand, the “Not interested” button immediately leads to the second follow-up message.

The users that have received the “Follow on Instagram” message, will receive the second follow-up message after 23 hours.

👉🏻 These changes have already been implemented to our template so you don't need to take any further actions! 🤩
👉🏻 For users who have already installed the template before these changes (before December 2019), please uninstall the campaign from your Manychat page and create a new one in order to get the latest version.

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