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How does your fraud detection system work?
How does your fraud detection system work?

Check out our sophisticated fraud detection system

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We offer a sophisticated fraud detection system that takes into account several factors (for security reasons we cannot disclose all these factors), including sign-ups from the same IP.

Then, we evaluate each participant that has a suspicious behavior. The risk evaluation can be low, medium or high.

Here is how it looks like:

We developed a quite advanced mechanism because one of our biggest customers ( targets developers. :)


❓ Do you block sign-ups?

With our fraud detection system, IPs with suspicious behavior are temporarily banned.

πŸ‘‰Please note that the bans we perform, are based on the IP, not on the campaign as a total. Your campaign is still active and participants can visit your page and register.Β 

We don't block sign-ups from the same IP, because this causes a problem in many cases (for example, coworkers wouldn't be able to register from their office or people from a coworking space - most probably they will have the same IP), but we do include these users under the "Participants to review for fraud" list, so that you can decide for your campaigns' participants.

❓ What about participants marked as "high risk"?

What we suggest in such cases is, before any deletion, is to export all your participants.

Then, you can review those marked as high risk in your dashboard, and either keep them if you believe they are legitimate (checking the email addresses of their successful referrals) or simply delete them.

In case you deleted a legitimate participant, then use the backup export and add them again in the campaign (even add the corresponding referrals manually, if you wish).

In most situations, high risk participants should be deleted, since our fraud detection tool takes several parameters into account and it is improbable that these participants are legitimate. But it is always good to double-check, since our FDS is just a suggestion tool.

πŸ—―οΈ TIP: You might want to add this to your campaign terms, landing page or even in an email a note-, saying that you "reserve the right to remove any participant and their referrals without prior notice if fraudulent behavior is detected", and that "rewards will be given only after validating the referrals of participants".

You could also manually contact them and ask them to reply so as to verify them. Warn them than if they do not do so within X days they will be removed from the campaign.

If some of them reply, which is highly unlikely, you can keep them and safely delete the rest.

If you want to make sure that your get legitimate participants in the first place, consider enabling the Double opt-in feature, available for our pop-up and Milestone templates.

❓ What if I get banned after testing?

If for any reason you're experiencing the same issue, please contact us, so as to manually un-ban your IP. A screenshot of your browser would be really useful in that case, so we can trace your IP asap!

In addition, ten-minute emails such as or emails from Mailinator are considered suspicious. So, if you use such an email for testing reasons, you'll keep getting automatically banned from the system.

❗ Note

Please bear in mind that, if you have an integration with an email marketing platform (Mailchimp etc.), the mailing list will not be automatically updated after deleting participants.

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