Install Viral Loops on Unstack

How to add Viral Loops to your Unstack website

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This article can help you install your Viral Loops campaign to your Unstack website.

First you need to get the code snippet of your campaign from your Viral Loops Campaign Wizard.

In the Campaigns List, select the campaign you would like to add to your Unstack site and click Edit.

Go to the Installation Step:

And select “I’ll do it myself”:

Select the option for “Custom Built” and locate the code that will then appear in the page:

Copy your campaign snippet:

This code will then be installed into your Unstack site as custom integration which may be done from the integrations page.

You’ll click the + icon to add a new, custom integration:

Then paste the code from Viral Loops into the textarea, set the placement as “Bottom of Body” and name the Integration “Viral Loops”:

Then, click Save Integration.

So far, this has allowed you to install the Viral Loops snippet in your website.

The last thing you need is to install the widget of your campaign.

In your website builder add a custom code component:

And paste the relevant HTML code depending on the widget you want to install.


Available in Templates

Embed Code

Form Widget

  • Refer a Friend

  • Milestone Referral

<div data-vl-widget="embedForm"></div>

Milestone Widget

  • Milestone Referral

<div data-vl-widget="milestoneWidget"></div>

Popup Trigger

  • The Leaderboard Giveaway

  • The Startup Prelaunch

  • The Tempting Giveaway

<div data-vl-widget="popupTrigger"></div>

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