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Milestone + ActiveCampaing Pages integration

This guide will help you install a Viral Loops campaign to your ActiveCampaign Landing Page

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Step 1 - Creating an EMBED block on the campaign page

At the end of the page where you want to host the campaign, add an EMBED block. You can simply drag and drop it.

Important: This needs to be the same page (URL) that you have submitted on the Info step of the campaign wizard.

Step 2 - Installing the campaign snippet

An HTML block appears that allows you to add HTML. Here, you need to copy and paste the campaign snippet:

When you paste it, just click the blue button “done”.

The campaign snippet is found on the Installation step of the wizard, after selecting > "I'll do it myself" > See instructions for > Choose Custom Built:

Step 3 - Add widgets

The campaign snippet cannot stand alone on your campaign page as it doesn't contain any visuals.

So, you need to repeat Step 1 and instead of the snippet, add the Form or any other Widget you wish (provided that it's supported by the template at hand).

In this example, we are using the Milestone template so the Form and Milestone Widgets need to be added in separate HTML blocks:

Important: Please bear in mind that the campaign snippet (Step 1) needs to be placed after your widgets, so you might want to re-arrange your blocks at this point.

Click Publish on ActiveCampaign and that's it!

You can view the page and see that your campaign has been successfully installed.


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