If you want new subscribers to use your existing forms instead of the Viral Loops Widgets, you will need to write some code to connect the Viral Loops campaign with your existing forms.

Client-side Tracking

You will be using the campaign.identify method to submit to Viral Loops the details of the newly registered subscriber. To use client-side tracking, you first need to install the Campaign Snippet in the page where you want to track a form.

Copy the campaign snippet from the Campaign Wizard and paste it near the closing </body> tag in your web page.

Once the form is submitted, track the newly registered participants as it's described in our Javascript API documentation.

Server-side Tracking

If you want to register the new subscribers from the server-side, you can use the

Registration method of our Web API.

We have a dedicated portal for our API documentation. You can find it here:

Viral Loops API Documentation

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