With your referral campaign, built with the e-Commerce Referral and e-Commerce Loyalty templates, you can attract new customers by offering discounts to them if they have been referred to your store.

Sometimes, however, your existing customers might be invited to your store by one of their friends. In that case, you don't want to provide them with an invitee reward, since they are already your customer.

So, in order to prevent existing customers from getting invitee rewards, when your customer sign-in (or signs-up) to your e-Commerce store, Viral Loops checks the creation date of their account (through the relevant Viral Loops e-Commerce plugin that you have installed). 

To summarise: unless a referred person becomes a new user to your e-Commerce store, Viral Loops will not provide them with the invitee reward.

A couple of notes:

  1. Anyone that follows referral links to your store will see the message intended for guests that are referred to your store (eg. "sign-up to get your invitee discount"), if you have configured your e-Commerce widget that way. That includes existing customers. They, however, will not get the invitee reward after they log-in.
  2. People that have signed-up to your e-Commerce store in the past but have never purchased, are also disqualified from getting the invitee reward.

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