Perfectly timed prompts are a great way to engage your customers (or potential customers) in your e-Commerce Referral or e-Commerce Loyalty campaign.

The Viral Loops e-Commerce widget will automatically expand in these situations: 

In the checkout page of your e-Commerce store

If the customer has won coupon codes that they can use, the widget will expand to reveal them just when the customer will need to be reminded to use them. 

In the Info step of the campaign wizard you can toggle this option on or off and set the URL of your checkout page.

In the thank-you page after the purchase has been completed

At that moment your customers have just had a great experience at your store and they would be keen to tell their friends about it, especially if it means winning discounts for future purchases.

The e-Commerce widget will expand automatically in this page.

Once a day

 If the customer has not visited your e-Commerce store for at least 24 hours and they have discount coupons available, the widget will automatically expand to remind the customer about the coupons.

For referred customers

If someone has followed a referral link to your e-Commerce store, you want to inform them about their welcome gift, ie. invitee reward, that they can get if they just sign-up. 

That's why, in this case, the widget will expand automatically to greet them. As soon as they provide their name and email to claim their discount, the widget will show them the coupon they have just won. 

However, if the invitee reward is zero, the widget will not expand and as soon as the customer provides their name and email to join the referral campaign, they will see the sharing options to invite their friends. 

You can set the invitee reward at the Rewarding step of the campaign wizard.

Manual triggers

If you want to trigger the e-Commerce widget programmatically, add this Javascript code in your page:

  campaign.addHook("widgetsLoad", function() {

If you want to direct people to your e-Commerce store and have the widget automatically expand as soon as they get there, then append this parameter in the URL that you will share with them: autoTrigger=1 

For example, if your e-Commerce store is at then use the URL

Would you like the Viral Loops e-Commerce widget to open automatically in other situations too? Let us know!

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