Your brick and mortar business already benefits from word-of-mouth sales: people tell their friends about your services and you get new referred clients.

So why wouldn't you reward your superfans for the clients they bring to you? That would incentivize them to spread the word even more and your business would grow further.

The Online to Offline referral template is here for you and all you need to make it work is your website and a smartphone. 

This template is inspired by Live True London, one of London's top beauty chains.

Here's how it works.

Your website

This is the central point for the referrals. People visit your website, they provide their personal details and invite their friends. 

It all happens through the Viral Loops widget that you can install in your page by copy-pasting a bit of code. 

It looks like this:

This is widget is fully customisable from the campaign wizard in Viral Loops: texts, colours, you can make it match your brand. 

Through it, anyone visiting your website can invite their friends:

A tempting invitation 

Key to the function of the viral loop is to offer an incentive to the person receiving an invitation so that they will accept it. People invited to Live True London, for example, can get £10 off their first appointment. You can set up yours while you are setting up your campaign in Viral Loops. More on that later.

When someone clicks an invitation link, they get back to your website and see a special message, telling them about the discount they can win:

To claim their discount, all they have to do is provide their name and email address, just like their referrer did when they first arrived to your website. 

Using the discount

After someone has gone through this process and has a discount for their first appointment, they will come to your business and want to redeem that offer.

Here's how that's done.

When they signed-up through the widget, as shown earlier, they received an email welcoming them to the referral program and containing their personal QR code. 

Here's how it looks on a smartphone:

Now when it's time for them to pay, the cashier of your business can scan this code from the client's smartphone using some free app like:

Please note that these apps are suggested just as an example and Viral Loops is not affiliated with those apps in any way. You are free to use any QR code reader you wish to.  

By scanning the QR code, the cashier will see a special page, called a POR, for "Point of Referrals". Here's an example of how this looks: 

This page is password protected so that only your cashiers can see it. The PIN code is also set from the campaign wizard and you can set-up more than one PIN codes, if you have many cashiers. 

In this page, the cashier can verify the client's details and who their referrer was and also, they can see the amount of discount someone has available.

If the discount is to be applied to the final price when the client pays, clicking "Redeem" uses up the discount.

Moreover, your client's referrer, if there was one, will get the referrer reward that you have set (eg. an offer for a £10 discount for their next appointment) which they can, in turn, use in the same way as we just described.

Putting it all together

To summarise: 

  • People use the Viral Loops widget on your website to invite their friends and also accept their friends' invitations. 
  • When someone joins the referral campaign, through the widget, they receive their personal QR code.
  • The QR code can be scanned locally at your business and show to the cashier if the client is eligible for a discount or not.
  • Through the POR page the cashier can check the details of the client and redeem the discount.
  • If this was someone's first appointment and they were rewarded for having been invited, their referrer will also get a discount (as much as you have set) for inviting them.

Get started now

You can have your Online to Offline campaign up and running in no time.

Sign-up for an account at Viral Loops (if you haven't done so already) and then create your campaign using the Online to Offline template, inspired by Live True London.

You will be able to edit the rewards that you want to offer to the referrers and the invitees. For example:

And you can edit the widget that goes to your website: 

You can edit the emails that people will receive (such as the invite and welcome emails) and set the PIN codes for the POR page.

Installing the widget on your website is simple as you only need to copy-paste some javascript code at the footer of your page. 

If you need help with that, just let us know!

And that's all!

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