Due to limitations from Wix, at the moment, we have figured out how to install the Refer a Friend template using only the In-App referral widget and not the embedded ones.

First, you need to edit your campaign and go to the Installation step of the wizard. Select "I'll do it myself" and then from the drop-down menu, select to view instructions for HTML. then, copy the In-app referral widget's code snippet.

Starting from your page:

You have to select 'Settings' on top of your page and then 'Tracking & Analytics

When you've done this, select 'Custom', paste your campaign snippet in the box saying 'Paste the code snippet here' and then select 'Body end' and hit 'Apply'. 

Furthermore, when you close the previous box and return to your page's editor, click 'Save' in the top right corner of your page, then 'Publish' and 'View site', like so:

Finally, after doing so, you'll get to see your page where you may test your campaign as well!

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