Having an ads.txt file available on your site means supporting the IAB initiative aimed at increasing the transparency of publishing activities and discouraging the use of unauthorized or fraudulent sales platforms.

Ads.txt is now a recognized standard of online advertising. More and more platforms consider this file essential in order to deliver advertising in a transparent and secure way; in fact, domains without ads.txt are inserted in their blacklists.

Without correctly implementing your ads.txt file, not only is your site not considered trustworthy, it is excluded from monetization opportunities from all participating platforms in the initiative, resulting in a huge reduction in earnings.

In order for us to support the IAB initiative in a concrete way, we have decided to only admit sites that have implemented ads.txt into our network.

Furthermore, to facilitate file maintenance and ensure continuous monetization, we have created a system that allows you to keep everything independently up to date; whenever the ads.txt file for our services is modified, reminders are sent to download the latest version available in the Dashboard via email and in app.

Read more on where to find the data to insert in your Ads.txt file.

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