What are Circles?

Viraltag Circles is a feature that lets you to collaborate with your friends and peers, and share and exchange content collectively. This way you can network with people and grow your reach.

Once you’ve created a Circle and have invited your friends to join the Circle, you can build a library of content that you can share with each other. While looking for content across the web, you can choose what posts to add to your Circle, and other members of the Circle will also be doing the same. This way you can create a repository of posts by people you know and trust. 

With Circles, 

  • You can connect with people in your niche, including marketers and influencers.
  • Grow your presence and reach on Social Media.
  • Have a constant stream of new content flowing in that you can share. 
  • Be sure that the content you share is of high quality, because the members of the Circle are people you have invited personally.

Getting started with Circles

Take a look at the Video walkthrough below or the step by step tutorial on how to go about using Viraltag Circles - 

1. Click on ‘Circles’ on the panel to the left of your Viraltag Dashboard to get started.

2. You have the option to join several Circles on Viraltag. Join one or more circles here based on your interests. Following this, click on the ‘I’m done’ button. 

3. You should be able to see all the Circles you have created or are a part of in the drop-down menu to the left. Toggle over any Circle here to see content specific to that particular Circle. 

4. Clicking on ‘Share’ on the top right corner of each post allows you to schedule that post to go out to any social profile you’ve connected with Viraltag.

5. You can also filter your posts by Social Networks to see posts lined up for different social channels eg. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. 

6. To add content to any of the Circles, click on the ‘Add to Circles’ button while scheduling a post (either using the chrome extension while browsing or while uploading an image on your own), and pick the Circle(s) you want that post to get added to. This post will get added to the Circle(s) immediately.

7. 'Total Shares' and  'Shares Received' show you how many times you have re-shared content in that Circle, and how many times your posts have been re-shared in the same Circle respectively.

8. You could also create a Circle of your own by clicking on the ‘Create a Circle’ button. Enter in details like - The name of your Circle, what your Circle is about, the rules you’d like the members of the Circle to follow and the category your Circle belongs to.

9. To invite your friends to be a part of any Circle, click on the ‘Invite Members’ button.

You can share the invite via link (Your friend needs to click on the link to join the circle), via email (Once your friend gets the email, he/she can join the circle) or via social (Tweet the invite or share it on Facebook).

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