With our 'Export' feature, you can export your reports in the 'Analytics' section of Viraltag in a CSV format. This makes it easy for you to have analytics data on file - especially when you have to make weekly or monthly reports on Social media analytics. 

Here's more on how the 'Export' feature works : 

1. Head over to the 'Reports' section of Viraltag from the Dashboard.

2. You can export reports for Pinterest, Instagram, and Analytics. Select a social profile, set your date range, and click on the 'Export' button to download the report for each section. 

3. The report gets downloaded in a CSV format, with parameters specific to each social profile. For Example for Twitter, you'll be able to see the number of Retweets, Favorites and Followers :

For Facebook you can see the number of shares, comments, post likes and page likes, and so on.

Hope you like this feature! For any questions or suggestions feel free to leave us an email at support@viraltag.com.  

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