As of February 2018, Twitter's policy on automation and the use of multiple accounts has changed. To prevent spamming, the creation of fake profiles etc, Twitter has imposed some rules and restrictions.

In a gist, here's what's not allowed anymore : 

  1. Posting duplicate content to multiple Twitter accounts 

  2. Posting the same content more than once to a single Twitter account 

How does this affect scheduling tools like Viraltag?

To abide by Twitter's new policy, scheduling tools that allowed for automated content recycling will discontinue doing so moving forward. Continuing to allow this service would put those tools' users at risk of getting their accounts suspended, and the scheduling tools would be violating Twitter's policy as well! 

So here are some changes we've implemented so we don't violate Twitter's TOS : 

  1. You can't use the 'Clone post' feature to duplicate your Tweets (i.e they shouldn't be exactly the same)

  2. You won't be able to select more than one Twitter profile when scheduling content in our Scheduler. 

  3. The 'Evergreen content' feature will be disabled for your Twitter profiles moving forward.

Since Twitter has made this Policy change to prevent users from abusing their platform and to keep a check on spammers, it is unlikely that they will revoke the rules imposed.  

What workaround can you use on Viraltag? 

To make it as easy as possible to schedule to Twitter, we've enabled scheduling tweet variations in bulk. Here's how that works :  

1. Click on the 'Clone post'  button at the bottom of each post to easily create a duplicate of the original post. 

2. Keep in mind, Twitter prohibits posting duplicate content, so with the 'Clone post' button you can easily create variations of the same post. 

You are free to clone the post as many times as you'd like. Our bulk editor makes it easier to edit posts in bulk.

3. You can then either 'Schedule' them to go out at a particular date with a time interval between posts. Or you can 'Add them to your queue' and the will go out according to the time slots in your posting schedule. 

4. If you use the clone post feature to create an exact copy (without making any changes) and schedule it to go our to Twitter, your post will automatically end up in Viraltag's 'Failed posts' section. 

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