With Viraltag, you can schedule videos (File limit : 50 MB) to all your social media channels. Take a look at the step by step tutorial below to learn more about how you can share videos on social media. 

How to upload and schedule a video with Viraltag 

1. To upload a video, select a video file (mp4 or mov format) from your computer or other sources (Dropbox, Google Drive etc).

2. Once the video gets uploaded, you can change the thumbnail by clicking on the thumbnail generated and uploading a new image. The next step is to schedule the videos to go out to your social channels. Add in a description, select your social channels and add them to the queue or schedule them to go out at a particular date and time. 

Sharing videos to your social channels with Viraltag


When you post to Facebook through Viraltag, your video can be up to 20 minutes long and will look native. This means it will play automatically, just as it would if you had posted it directly there. 


Twitter has native video support with a 30 second limit, so when you share a video to Twitter, it will play directly on Twitter itself. Keep in mind, the file size limit for Twitter is 15 MB. 


The video you share on Instagram will play directly there and you have the option of trimming the video in-app as well. Here's what it looks like when viewed on your desktop and phone respectively. 


Tumblr has native support for videos as well, so any video you upload and share to Tumblr will play directly on Tumblr.


Pinterest does not support native videos via API (yet), so when you post a video to Pinterest, Viraltag will create a pin with the thumbnail you selected and the video will be hosted on Viraltag. 

When viewers click on your pin, they’ll be redirected to the video player and can watch the video here. Here's what the hosted Video player looks like - 


Video support for LinkedIn works similar to that of Pinterest. Since LinkedIn does not have native video support, viewers will be redirected to Viraltag’s hosted video player when they click on the thumbnail generated.

Here's what it looks like on LinkedIn - 

Clicking on the thumbnail redirects the viewer to Viraltag's Video Player - 

For any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@viraltag.com or leave us a message in our in-app chat an we'll get right back to you.

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