At times you might come across an image you'd like to schedule, but just not yet. In these instances, you can save the image as a draft and come back to schedule it at a later time.

A draft can be saved for images uploaded from any source.

You can view the video demo or refer to the detailed steps below.

1. When you have found an image you would like to schedule, simply click 'Upload' as you would when posting anything else through Viraltag.

2. Your selected images will appear in the bulk scheduler screen. Fill in the relevant information such as accounts that you wish to post to, Description and the Link. You can also save a draft without entering the Description and the Link but you will have to select an account before saving a draft.

3. To save these images as draft, click on the drop down next to the "Schedule" button at the bottom of the scheduling window. Click on the "Save as Drafts" option.

4. Your draft has now been saved and can be viewed in the "Drafts" section.

Viewing and Scheduling from your Saved Drafts

1. Click on "Home" from the left hand panel on the screen and then click on "Drafts" from the top of the screen. You'll be able to see all your saved posts.

2. If you wish to schedule any of these posts, click on the "Schedule" button next to the post and make edits or schedule as you like.

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