You might be scheduling the same images to multiple social media channels, but that doesn't mean each post should be exactly the same. Every social media network is unique and as a result has distinct preferences on style, image proportions, and timing.

In order to optimize your engagement on each channel, you will want to tailor your posts to the social network you are posting to.

With the clone button, this tailoring is easy. You can copy a scheduled posts and make any changes to the caption or sizing of the image before publishing.

You can view the video demo or refer to the detailed steps below -

1. Upload your desired image onto Viraltag using any of our multiple upload options. If you are uploading a single image, you will see the single scheduler window. Click on the "Clone Post" button located on the bottom left of the scheduling pop-up.

2. Cloning an image will be seen as a bulk upload and you will be directed to the bulk scheduler screen.

If you are uploading multiple images, you will first be directed to the bulk upload screen. You can use the clone option by clicking on the "Clone Post" button on the bottom left hand corner of the post that you wish to clone. This will produce a copy in the same screen right next to the original image.

3. You can now make any changes to the copy of the original. Perhaps you want to use a different caption for each social network, or maybe you want to resize the photo to be square for Instagram and vertical for Pinterest.

Make any changes you like and schedule your image as you had in other scenarios. If you would like more details on how to proceed from here, click here.

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