With Viraltag, you can gain efficiency with a real-time collaboration dashboard. Have in-app conversations with your team members, comment on posts, and approve them once they are ready to go out!

Take a look at this video or the step-by-step tutorial that follows, to know how you can plan your social media strategy as a team with Viraltag :

1. Invite your team members

Invite your entire team on Viraltag. You can set different roles for your team members (editor, contributor) to manage approval workflows and admin privileges.

2. Converse and plan together to improve quality

Converse, improve ideas and make changes to your social media plan together with your team.

3. Email notifications

Mention anyone in your team on feedback to send instant email notifications on changes to your social media plan.

For any doubts/questions feel free to reach us at support@viraltag.com and we'll get right back to you!

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