Viraltag now allows you to schedule Re-pins on Pinterest. Here are the details on how to do it.

1) Install the Chrome Extension under Settings > Extensions (Please note that Bookmarklet doesn’t work on

2) Visit any Pinterest page/board you like:

3) Click on Viraltag Extension. This will pick up all the images on that page. Select Pins you want to schedule and click on 'Schedule'.

4) This will take you to the Bulk upload page, where you can edit descriptions and schedule the Pins to go out using our 'Schedule' button to schedule the posts now or 'Add to Queue' option to schedule the pins according to your Posting Schedule.
Learn more about using your Posting Schedule and the 'Add to Queue' option here.

5) Done. Your REPINS are now scheduled! Isn’t this simple?

You can check the scheduled pins on your dashboard.

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