Think of this like your piano lesson day in the real world. Except you don’t have to physically attend a lesson. But all your week’ practice leads up to this day.

You video record yourself playing a number of things from that week's practice (a list of things you need to perform will be listed for you each week). You will be marked out of 100 for each Weekly Showcase, which will be added to your Live Report Card.

If you're successful in your audition, we discuss this and settle on a day in your initial Zoom "meet and greet".

Choosing a Lesson Day

You can choose which day you'd like your Weekly Showcase to be due each week from the following:
- Monday
- Tuesday
- Wednesday
- Thursday
- Sunday

For more information on choosing a lesson day, read this article.

What if I Submit My Weekly Showcase Late (Or Not At All)?

Your video must be uploaded by 11:59pm on your lesson day. If it is sent after 11:59pm, or not sent at all, your teacher won't provide feedback on it and your homework will remain the same as the previous week. You will receive a mark of 0 on your monthly Progress Report for this Weekly Showcase video and you'll be disqualified from receiving Student of the Month for that month.

You will be asked to leave Virtual Piano Academy without a refund if you miss 3 Weekly Showcase video deadlines in a row. This doesn’t include when you’ve taken approved time off for holidays, or if you've applied for special consideration due to an ongoing, stressful emergency in your life (this form is available in your Lesson Portal). This is essentially the equivalent of missing 3 consecutive in-person lessons in the "real world". We only teach students who want to learn. If you miss more than 8 Weekly Showcase video deadlines within a 12 month period (even if not in a row), you will be asked to leave Virtual Piano Academy. For more information on what happens if you miss your Weekly Showcase video, please read this article.

What If I'm Away or Sick and Can't Submit My Weekly Showcase Video?

If you can't submit your Weekly Showcase video because you are sick or away on that day, please read this article.

Can I Change My Lesson Day Once I've Started?

If you've been with us for a while and would like to move your Weekly Showcase submission day (your "Lesson Day"), read this article for more information.

Can I submit my Weekly Showcase on another day in the week?

You can’t submit your weekly video on a later day that week. If your lesson day is Tuesday and you submit it on Wednesday, it is considered late, and will not be marked by your teacher. Your homework will remain unchanged and you will be required to submit the same material again the following lesson day.

Can I submit my Weekly Showcase early?

Yes, you can submit it early but it won’t be marked and you won't receive feedback early.

Example: Let's say your Lesson Day is Monday. If you submit your Weekly Showcase video early (on Saturday or Sunday for example), your teacher will still mark it according to the Weekly Schedule (see image below). So if your lesson day is Monday, your teacher will mark your Showcase video on Tuesday, even if you submit it early). You will receive feedback and videos, ready for you to resume your practice as normal on Wednesday. For more information on how your weekly structure works, read this article. There is a brief example summary below (for how your week would look if your lesson day was Monday). The same principle applies no matter what your lesson day is.

Can I submit a number of small videos throughout the week instead of the Weekly showcase submission?

No. We need to assign you a day when you submit your video (effectively your "Lesson Day"). This helps us ensure we set aside enough time with your teacher each week to give thoughtful and helpful feedback to your video submission. Read this article for more information.

You can only submit one Weekly Showcase video per week, and get video feedback from your teacher once a week. You are able to submit a number of small videos (rather than one big one) on your Lesson Day to help with video file sizes and ease of recording, but you will only be able to submit videos that include the things specified by your teacher. In other words, you aren't able to submit a 3-hour video, performing dozens of pieces and expect this to count as one lesson. Your teacher will pin-point exactly what they want you to include in each Weekly Showcase video.

This video submission is effectively the equivalent of a lesson in the "real world".

Can I Include Things In My Video That Are Not On the Weekly Showcase Homework List?

Your homework list has been carefully created by your teacher, and includes all the important things that will help you reach your goal.

If you decide you want to play something else, and don't include any the things specified by your teacher on the homework list, your video won't be marked, you'll receive a grade of 0 on your monthly Progress Report for that Weekly Showcase video, and you will not be in the running for Student of the Month.

If you want to include something ON TOP of what was listed as homework by your teacher, this counts as over-time, and extends beyond your lesson fee. With the video-submission format, lesson time boundaries can easily be blurred, so we have to be strict with this rule. The only exception to this is if you do MORE WORK on something listed as your homework. Example: You were asked to learn bars 1-8 of a new piece, but you did bars 1-16. This is fine (and encouraged).

Additional Feedback

If you want feedback on anything additional to the homework outlined by your teacher, you will need to book and pay for a separate lesson. This could include feedback on something you are learning outside of Virtual Piano Academy (like a piece for school band); or it might be career advice; or perhaps you are doing grade 3 theory through school or uni and want additional feedback on it; or perhaps you’d like to talk to us about your child’s progress. Whatever it might be, an additional lesson will need to be booked and paid for. The form for this is in your Lesson Portal.

If there is a piece of music you wish to learn and include as part of your homework, fill in the Request to Learn a Specific Piece form in your Lesson Portal.

Monthly Q&A Sessions

We have set up regular monthly Q&A sessions as part of your membership fee (so at no additional cost to you), where you have the opportunity to ask general (non-personal questions), so this might be an adequate channel to ask your questions.

We encourage questions that would also benefit other students, such as "How many piano exams are there?" or "How long should I practice for?" or
"What sort of piano should I get?" etc etc.

We hold this monthly Q&A session live, on Zoom (check our calendar for dates) to answer as many of your pre-submitted questions as possible.

What Sort of Feedback Do I Get in Response to My Weekly Showcase Video?

Please read this article for more information.

When do I get my weekly feedback video from my teacher?

One of the amazing things about virtual lessons is that you get to choose your lesson day, and you don't have to commit to a specific time to be at your lesson on that day. You don't have to try and fight for that coveted 4pm after-school slot; or try and shuffle your lesson time around with your teacher because you have a dentist appointment right at your lesson time.

You can choose any of the following days as your nominated lesson day:






Your Weekly Showcase video will be due by 11:59pm that day. Essentially, you can submit it anytime on your lesson day, as long as it's received by your teacher by 11:59pm on your lesson day.

This is how your week would look if you choose to have your lesson day as Monday:

Take a look at the Example Week above, to see how your lessons and practice are structured during the week. This example is what it would look like if you choose to have Monday as your lesson day, but the same principle applies for whichever day you choose as your lesson day.

Structure of Your Week

Monday: Lesson Day

On your lesson day (in the example, this is Monday), you would finalise your weeks' practice and submit your showcase video any time before 11:59pm (Melbourne, Australia [GMT+10] time) that day. For more information on how to submit your Weekly Showcase video, read this article.

Tuesday: Teacher Marking Day + Your Community Events Day

The following day (Tuesday), your teacher will mark your Weekly Showcase video submission, and create feedback videos and resources for the week to come.

In the meantime, you should spend today working on Topic of the Month resources, The Academy HIVE activities, community events etc. Think of this as your catch up day; your music games day; your Academy community day. It's a chance to chat to a fellow learner on The Academy HIVE; do some Topic of the Month activities; write your Goal Diary; write a Success Story; check the Calendar of Events; read some articles on the Help Centre etc.

Wednesday to Sunday: Your Practice Days

On Wednesday, feedback videos, walkthroughs and homework notes from your teacher will now be available in your Lesson Portal and ready for you to start practicing. From Wednesday through to Sunday, you practice all the things outlined by your teacher for the week (this will be in your Lesson Portal).

Monday the Following Week

The following Monday, is your Lesson Day again! You finalise your weeks' practice and submit your showcase video any time before 11:59pm (Melbourne, Australia [GMT+10] time) today....and we start the process over again.

How Do I Actually Submit My Weekly Showcase Video?

Please read this article for more information.

Do I Get a Refund If I Don't Submit My Weekly Showcase?

Please read this article for more information.

Are There Any Rules About Contacting My Teacher?

Please read this article for more information on the approved methods for contacting your teacher.

What If I Get Stuck on Something With My Homework?

Between your lesson days, you get 2 "help-lines", where you can ask your teacher a quick question to help get you unstuck (using the pop-up chat window). Find out how "Life-Lines" work here.

Can we do a weekly Zoom or Skype lesson instead of uploading a Weekly Showcase video?

Please read this article for more information.

What Equipment Do I Need to Be Able to Submit My Weekly Showcase Video?

Please read this article for more information.

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