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What happens if my photo ID won't scan on my marriage license?
What happens if my photo ID won't scan on my marriage license?
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Errors completing your marriage license application? The most typical error is that you tried to upload photos of your ID (driver's license or passport) & got an error message.

If your ID won't scan, don't worry -- we are here to help! To move forward, you will need to do a manual upload (called 'Manuel ID Verification). It's pretty simple - it's just a simple form with 7 steps. form. An actual person at the marriage license office will look at your info, ID and video & manually approve it to go forward. The form can be found at this link...

Steps for Manual ID Verification:

  1. Name (exactly as it appears on your ID)

  2. Birthdate

  3. Email (enter the email that you used to start your portion of the application)

  4. Enter your application link (which is the link you have been using to fill out your application so far & was emailed to you earlier)

  5. Front of ID (take a picture of the front of your ID)

  6. Back of ID (take a picture of the back of your ID)

  7. Video (record a video of you saying the following phrase):

    “I am (state your full name as it appears on your ID). My date of birth is (month – day – year). I am applying for a marriage license to marry (state their full name). I have captured images of my government-issued ID showing my correct legal name and date of birth."

  8. Submit!

Utah usually takes 12-24 hours to process your application, so be patient. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up the process.

An important note

  • If the video recorder isn't working, email your name, birthdate, email, application link, ID photos (front/back) and video (saying the script).

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