There isn't much legwork when it comes to implementing Vishion.

  1. You must enable Vishion to get started (see the video above and help page here).

  2. Vishion will request access to necessary information, such as product images and details.

  3. Then the Product Sync will begin. You will receive an email when the Product Sync is complete. This could take a few minutes or longer, depending on the number of products in your catalog.

3. You can check on the progress of the product Sync by going to "Preferences" and "Product Sync".

4. When the products are implemented, change search and filter settings by going to "Preferences".

5. Next, make sure your product swatches created and assigned by Vishion's Auto-Analyzer meet expectations. You can add, edit, and delete swatches that don't properly represent the product.

6. Once you have selected a plan, Vishion will send you an email to schedule your complimentary implementation call. We want to take the opportunity to make sure Vishion is exceeding expectations.

7. Paid users have the opportunity to request custom features.

8. If you need immediate assistance, please feel free to chat with us (click the icon in the bottom right corner).

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