How do I accept my first payment?
Written by Kate
Updated over a week ago

To take your first payment simply:

  1. Load up your Voilo Pay app

  2. Tap the payment 'V', enter the amount your customer needs to pay & press 'Request Payment'.

  3. Voilo will generate a QR code to scan or a payment link to send - the customer can then authorise payment via their banking app.

This means you don’t compromise on security and money arrives instantly, putting you back in control of your cash flow.

Your customers do not need to download anything additional to be able to pay via Voilo.

However, by using the Voilo app they can enjoy an even swifter payment experiance, easily access any live offers available at any time and automatically earn points if you have an active loyalty program.

There are alternative ways to take payments through Voilo.

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