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How do I connect Voilo and Xero?

Voilo & Xero sitting in a tree...πŸ‘―

Written by Kate
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Once you've created your Voilo Pay account, it's super easy to connect Voilo to Xero to further streamline your payment process.

  1. With your QR code within your Voilo app.

  2. Log into Xero.

  3. Select your organisation at the top left corner and select 'Settings'

  4. Then choose 'Invoice Settings' and select 'Payment services'

  5. Scroll down to Other Available Payment Services' and click 'Add Other'

  6. Then select 'Custom Payment URL'

  7. Create custom URL for Xero.

To do this follow these steps:

  • Enter 'Voilo' as the Name

  • For Your custom URL add your Voilo Paylink and then just copy paste ?reference=[INVOICENUMBER]&value=[AMOUNTDUE]. Your custom URL should look like this: https://PAYLINKURL?reference=[INVOICENUMBER]&value=[AMOUNTDUE], just with a real Voilo Paylink.

  • For the Pay now text type 'Pay by Bank with Voilo'

  • Save changes.

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