How fast are Voilo payments?

To put it simply - FAST

Written by Kate
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Voilo utilises open banking which essentially simplifies the process of a regular bank transfer for businesses and customers, who can then benefit from swift, easy payments without compromising on security.

This means, every transaction made through Voilo goes directly from customers bank the merchants bank account - cutting out the middle men that come with traditional card machines (and their extortionate charges).

Voilo does not handle any of the money - we connect the accounts without the need for faffing around with account numbers or sort codes.

One of the biggest benefits of this is - money moves almost instantly - as soon as the merchant receives a payment notification; money is in the bank and the customer can go about their day.

Like traditional payment methods, users should always check the transaction goes through successfully.

Merchants should be sure they've either viewed the confirmation screen:

OR, have already received said notification within their own Voilo app:

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