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Who is Voilo Pay POS for?

Our pay-as-you-go plan putting payment power back in the palms of the people - literally.

Written by Kate
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Voilo Open Banking solution empowers businesses & enterprises of all sizes by simplifying complex financial processes through innovative open banking solutions.

We are committed to driving the open banking revolution by providing robust APIs and platforms enabling secure, compliant, seamless account-to-account transactions and access to enriched financial data. We fulfil our promise of revolutionising payments and unlocking the potential of open banking by offering user-friendly interfaces, white-label customisation, dedicated support, and rapid deployment options. At Voilo, we believe open banking has immense power to transform financial services into more transparent and equitable experiences - and we provide the tools and technology to make it happen.

Voilo Pay POS is all about access to technology and driving big transformations with no disruption.

By building a portable payment app; anyone can download Voilo Pay, sign up and start taking payments from your phone.

  • No need to pay for and then wait for clunky card machines or hardware.

  • Low risk 'pay-as-you-go' pricing structure means investing £19 once; activates a lifetime of savings on every transaction and the freedom to only pay a small percentage on the payments you actually take.

  • With savings of up to 90% on every transaction, it does not take long until it starts paying for itself.

Our Voilo Pay POS plan is, therefore, ideal for those looking to simply start taking cashless payments. People like:

  • Cash-only businesses and sole traders looking to give themselves a digital edge.

  • Gig workers or anyone with inconsistent cash flow who wouldn't benefit from committing to month/year-long contracts.

  • Anyone who wants to start a new business and doesn't want to commit to a month/year-long contract.

  • Anyone who needs a portable payment option that isn't restricted by infrastructure (hardware, wifi etc.)

  • Money-savvy business owners looking for a way to intelligently increase their revenue through lower fees.

For a toolkit fit for a corporate - including; data, insights and features that would usually cost the earth - you can upgrade your Voilo Pay account as and when needed.

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