How do I get started with Voilo Pay?
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Download the Voilo Pay app

Available on the apple app store and google play.

Input contact details

Let us know who you are, pick a password and verify your email.

Ensure your account is safe by adding your phone number, whenever someone tries to log into your Voilo Pay account, we can send a one use code to confirm it's you.

Select if you're a sole trader, a registered business or a charity

  • Important information around the nature of your payments.

List your location.

Enter the location of your business or charity - if you're on any of our premium plans this will help customers find you through the Voilo Rewards App.

Link your banking app.

So customers can pay you!

Quick link your banking app by searching for your trusted bank in our drop down.

Ensure you have your banking app installed and logged in on the same device where you're registering for Voilo Pay.

You can link more than one bank account and easily switch between them in-app later.


Now it's time to

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