How do I set up my loyalty scheme?
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In your Voilo Pay app go to the 'Loyalty' tab.

Select 'Create Loyalty Program'

Set up your loyalty

Decide on what you want to call your scheme, this is how shoppers will find it in their app.

Next you can decide what percentage of each transaction you want to reward.

Think of this like cashback and consider the average spend of each customer.

For example: if the average spend is £10 and you reward 10% of each transaction, that is £1 (or 100 points) that your customer can spend with you when they come again.

Set the minimum number of points a customer needs to collect to be able to start redeeming. You can use this to determine how many times they should visit before unlocking a reward.

For example: If your average spend is £10 and you're rewarding 10%, you could set this to 5000 points encouraging them to visit 5 times. After reaching 5000 customers can claim back the £5 they've collected in points.

Finally, set how long the loyalty scheme will be active, this could be a year, 3 years or forever.

Finally, decide if you want your loyal customers to be rewarded for referring their friends and family.

Word of mouth is the most powerful tool for small businesses and those who find you through recommendations like this are likely to have a higher average transaction.

Points can only be accessed and applied when the referred customer spends at your store through Voilo.

For example: you could reward £2 (or 200 points) for each referral.

Click 'submit' and you're good to go!

Why not encourage people onto your loiyalty scheme by rewarding double points the first time they choose to pay through Voilo?

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