International volunteers can continue to safely book volunteer programs, even in times of Covid-19. We show you how easy it is and explain why it's a good idea to book now and travel whenever you like.

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Curious about where you can volunteer? To help you quickly understand which countries are open to visitors, our partner Sherpa has compiled a comprehensive view of travel restrictions around the globe. Click here or on the map in order to find international and domestic travel restrictions, quarantine regulations and measures, and other useful information for determining your next travel destination.

How do I safely book a program in Corona times? - Flex Option

Firstly, reserve your spot on any volunteer program you like. Our Flex Option lets you reschedule your booking or switch to another volunteer opportunity at no extra cost. 

Most important facts about the Flex Option

  • there's no deadline to when you can use it

  • there's no extra charge for you

  • it is 100% flexible and easy to use.

Our live chat team is also here to answer all your questions and guide you through the process.

Why it is a good idea to book now

Volunteer organizations are struggling worldwide. Travel restrictions are depriving volunteer organizations of crucial resources. Since not all destinations are closed to all nationalities, you can go where it is possible to travel and make a difference to a program in need of volunteers.

Nothing wrong with "last minute bookings" but we always suggest volunteers to book at least (!) 3 months in advance because it gives you time to prepare for your trip, organize flights, get the necessary vaccinations, and buy the necessary gear. If you still want to travel in 2021 or next year, now is the perfect time to book your meaningful travel opportunity.

Remote volunteer programs

If aren't that eager to leave your house, take your time to check out our Virtual volunteer programs, accessible 100% remote!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our live chat team! We are here to support your volunteer journey and appreciate your understanding in these difficult times.

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