How can I join an Online Language Course?

Read this article to learn how to join a language course to get the most out of your stay abroad.

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Whether you want to discuss your ideas with local staff, entertain children and youngsters, or go out for dinner - a handful of vocabulary always brings a smile to the face of the persons around.

We got you! Our partner Best Language Study gives you the chance to learn or deepen your knowledge in:

  • Spanish 🇪🇸

  • English 🇬🇧

  • Swahili 🇹🇿🇰🇪

When do the courses take place?

Learning a new language always takes one thing: Practice. Professional teachers native to your chosen language will introduce you to all the subtleties 2x a week.

Choose between one, two, or three-month courses to get the most out of your time until departure! Courses start in the first week of each month.

What's in there for me?

  • Information Material 📄

  • Pre-Course Language Test 📊

  • One-on-One Online Lessons 2x a week 👩‍💻

  • Language books up to your final language level 📚

  • For Spanish Courses: Virtual Dance Workshop 💃 and cooking lessons 👩‍🍳

What are the costs of my language course?

One-month online language courses start at only 160€. All materials included!

Any other questions?

Get in touch with us! Our live chat team is happy to help you out.

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