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First Steps on Volunteering Abroad
What qualifications do I need to volunteer abroad?
What qualifications do I need to volunteer abroad?

Are you unsure whether you’re qualified to join a certain program? This article shows you how to find out.

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Sometimes NGOs need volunteers who have a certain background, knowledge or skills that will be required at the project site. In case you’re unsure whether you meet these requirements, start by checking the program requirements.

Read through this manual to know where to find this information.

Simply visit the page of the volunteer program you are interested in and scroll down to the "Program Requirements" section.

This section shows you the minimum age, required language skills, educational requirements, and which documents you need to submit in order to participate. While some programs don't require higher education than (university), medical programs often need volunteers with a medical background. Click on the "Learn More" button for more detailed information.

If you are still unsure about the requirements or you have a specific question about a requirement, you can always contact the project via the blue "Contact Coordinator" button at the top or bottom of the page.

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