A lot of volunteers go abroad to work with underprivileged children in order to improve their current situations and future opportunities. Since these children deal with actual problems in their real lives, the volunteers, as well as the organizations, need to be aware of their responsibility towards the life quality of the children.

We as mediator want to guarantee that the performed work does have a positive influence and that the children really profit from the volunteers' effort. 

Minimum Stay of 4 Weeks

The children in the programs often grow attached to the volunteers which is why the repeated separation from volunteers can be difficult for them. To ensure the fulfillment of our ethical standards, we exclusively mediate stays with a minimum duration of 4 weeks for the work with children, yet we are in favor of longer stays. For orphanages we even recommend a minimum stay of 6 months.

Additional Requirements

All programs that involve the work with children require a minimum age of 18 years. Furthermore we demand a criminal background check from every volunteer who applies to work with children. Volunteering in a teaching position requires an education level of at least High School or University.

These requirements are not negotiable as volunteers need to be legally and mentally prepared and qualified to take on the responsibility that comes with this kind of voluntary work.   

Responsible Volunteering

Volunteer World is committed to making a change in the volunteering industry and facilitating opportunities for responsible volunteering. When done right, voluntary work with young children can be beneficial for everyone involved.

Volunteer positions as a teacher or in childcare mustn't be seen as a testing ground for future career plans, but taken very seriously. If you are thinking about volunteering in this field of work, please make sure you do it for the right reasons and are qualified to interact with and care for the children in the programs. 

Taking a course of the Global Travel Academy can help you understand the meaning of responsible and effective volunteering. This kind of preparation will make sure that you are able to fully dedicate your time for the children’s good. 

More information

For further information in regards to the voluntary work in humanitarian programs, please take a look at the policy paper of „Bread for the World“ and „TourismWatch“. 

Should you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us via email or live chat! We will gladly help you to find a program where you can have a positive impact on the children's lives :)

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