1. Each product has a starting price. The first bid has to be higher than the starting price, and thereafter your bid needs to be higher than the current highest bid in order for you to participate in the auction. 
  2. Bids on any auction product must be rounded to the nearest Rand (no Cents). This means your bids must be at least R1.00 (One South African Rand) higher than the previous bidding price. Example: The starting price for a product is R25.00. You may may bid R26.00 or any other higher Rand amount for the product, but not e.g. R25.50 (no Cents after the comma!).
  3. There is no maximum bidding price. The highest bid at the end of the three minute auction will be the final price at which the product is sold, and the user who submitted that highest bid will be able to buy the product.
  4. If two or more users bid the same highest bidding price at the end of the three minutes, the winner will be decided by a review of the exact time when the highest bidding price was received by the VOOV app. The bidder whose comment was received first may buy the product.
  5. If no bids are received within the three minutes of the auction for that product, we will move on to the next product.
  6. Users who do not respond to the direct in-app messages within 24 hours will lose their right to buy the product, and the same or next highest bidder will be contacted via direct in-app message. 
  7. After being contacted by VOOV, users eligible to buy the product will have 48 hours to make payment for the product as per the instructions given. Failure to provide proof of payment to us  after 48 hours will forfeit their right to buy the product, and the same or next highest bidder will be contacted. Bidders will be requested to provide their contact details and address for delivery.
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