Configure New Exam

Step 1

  • Course – Select the course the exam applies to.
  • Exam Name – Enter a meaningful title.
  • Start Date – Date teachers can start entering results and comments.
  • End Date – Closing date for entering exam result and comments.
  • Max Teacher Comment Length – No. of characters for teacher comment.
  • Max Form Tutor Comment Length – No. of characters for Form Tutor comment.
  • Other Teachers Can Edit – Setting to allow teachers to edit other comments.
  • Teacher Comments Are Private – If Yes, only the creator of a comment can view it.
  • Comment Type To Use – Select either comment bank, freeform, both, or none.
  • Capture Housemaster Comment – Applicable for boarding schools.
  • Capture Principal Comment – If true, the principal can leave a comment for each student.
  • Capture Target Grade – Enables teachers to capture the student’s target grade.
  • Capture Year Head Comment – If true, the year head can leave a comment for each student.
  • Capture Extra Field 1 For Teacher – this is a custom field for the term reports.
  • Name of Teacher Custom Field 1 – This is the label displayed to teachers.
  • Extra Field Type – Select either a textfield or a dropdown format.
  • Field 1 Options – If “select” format chosen then enter the dropdown values here using the following format “1=optionA, 2=optionB, 3=etc….”
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